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Alfred Nobel to Leonard Blavatnik: How Awards founded by the philanthropists Impact Scientists and Science   - Scientific European
Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists of age 42 and younger, was founded in 2007 through a partnership between the Blavatnik Family Foundation, headed by Leonard Blavatnik and the New York Academy of Sciences, headed by Nicholas Dirks. Leonard was inspired to institute a similar award after watching Nobel prize ceremony. Awards come with credibility, financial support, industry connection and celebrations. In addition, they have positive impact on mind and personality of the recipients. Accolades, fame and recognition tremendously motivate scientists in their pursuits. The appreciation and admiration from the society boost self-esteem of award recipients2. These intangible psychological consequences have bearing on the entire research ecosystem. Awards and accolades are also instrumental in scientists’ choice of research question. They act as primary incentive behind high-risk innovation strategies and encourage exploration of new ideas3. This is significant given relatively few ideas and scholars push the boundaries of science.