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Cervical Pillow- Best Pillow For Neck Pain India
A cervical pillow is a foam cushion that comes in various shapes and sizes. The air pillow is made of soft, breathable material which is helpful in preventing neck pain or any other kind of soreness in the neck area. The cervical pillow helps in reducing pressure on the neck and the jaw position. The pillow is also made from the same material as the neck roll which is a good thing since it reduces the chance of getting a neck injury in any kind of stress. When you are sleeping on the side, your pillow should be the same height so that it can offer you a comfortable way of sleeping. The cervical pillow won’t allow you to adjust your neck to the right angle and it will also affect your neck in some other way. The help of the pillow is necessary so that you can sleep more comfortably.
03-Mar-2022, 09:38 AM