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How To Know If Google and Facebook Campaigns are Working - Optfirst Internet Marketing
John Vincent Kriney is the founder and president of OptFirst Inc, a Google Partner Company. In this post he answers the age-old question, "Are my campaigns working?" This post will introduce you to a new article, written by Optfirst Internet Mareting President John Kriney, published on UpCity. The article answers the question, "Can you tell if your internet marketing ads are working?" In digital marketing world, we focus most of our campaigns on Google and Facebook. To properly measure them, you need to know and track your dollar metrics per platform and per campaign. Next, you will need to set-up, track and optimize your funnels. If these words are unfamiliar or new to you, Optfirst is here to help you find the right strategies and make it work to your advantage.
19-Mar-2023, 04:32 PM