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Pradip Narayan Madgaonkar is Music Lover
Hi I am Pradip Narayan Madgaonkar I come from a small village called Anuppur, MP, My father was posted in the Indian railways department in Indore where I completed my schooling, Music Is in my soul in my every breath, I have been learning music since childhood and as I have grown I realised I was born to be a musician, I have been a part of many competitions, while my collage days we had a band “The Wagons” We were not famous never the less we played some good music. I still play occasionally I love classical Rock, Retro, and Indian instrumental music, I have learnt to play the drums and mouth organ on a professional level. My dream is to be a professional musician and play for a band or have a band of my own.
26-Jun-2022, 04:57 PM