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The lyrics of Hassan Al-Amiri’s song “Bread of God” are written in full. Yesterday, I missed you, and I miss you badly. Last night, your sadness broke the back of the clothes, and your wealth ov...
27-Mar-2024, 12:12 PM
The lyrics of Ahmed Al-Saadi's song Ras Al-Haram are written in full. From me, the count starts. I'm so tired of it, I'm not getting stressed. For the shooter, they turn my tongue around.
27-Mar-2024, 10:51 AM
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26-Mar-2024, 10:03 PM
The lyrics of the song “Our Love and Its Stories are Paradise” are written in full. We were a year and ninety young at the time. Everything that fills our hearts once again was said with the glanc...
26-Mar-2024, 05:35 AM
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25-Mar-2024, 12:01 PM
The lyrics of the song “Teach Me Your Love” by Muhammad Al-Wahaibi are written in full. It is better not to speak the truth. Rushdie and gifts inspired me, and through him my heart became purer. H...
25-Mar-2024, 11:28 AM
The lyrics of the song “Dahki Karmali” by Hisham Al-Hajj are written in full. I beg you, no, I swear, when I see you happy, the conversation ends. I want to see you happy with your eyes.
25-Mar-2024, 04:33 AM
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23-Mar-2024, 04:21 PM
The lyrics of the song “The World Is Paradise” are written in full. Is there anyone who can do what you do? Ask someone else a question: What is worse than resting with my head in your lap?
23-Mar-2024, 05:15 AM
The lyrics of the song “My Family’s House” by Marai Sarhan are written in full. And if you dare, we will meet you. We have lined up the gunpowder before you, O you who played with it, Shamoul Am...
22-Mar-2024, 06:56 AM